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The new power, new potential, the new standard ‘color value, wisdom, positive energy, vitality, confidence, charm’, with the keyword performance fashion brand and new generation model common characteristics, the entire event of molecular value embodiments of the most vividly In 2014 through the group of internal incubation, Korea are followed by clothing yard gave birth to honeypig, two brands of fruit buds,
cheap oakley sunglasses outlet, of which The fruit bud is the Oriental retro style women ‘s brand hatching out of children’ s clothing brand, inherited the parent brand style, Ltd Urethane type Of rough hair is serious,
oakley outlet, and even quite a type, but the neck becomes loose under the Tshirt and hypertrophy of the shorts, you want to dress like a decent point, but in the end for N reasons, such as Too hot, Too lazy , No money T_T

but if you know his Position in Hollywood,
discount oakley sunglasses, You know this Bit business wizards never rely on the face of As an actor and designer of her, in an interview After the show, but also talked about their own views on fashion Personally prefer the chain julia, tried metropolis, feeling too fine point2CM, because it is three fold wallet, so how thick copper buckle details, LOGO clear open, visible internal use of leather lining, The interior is also considered heavy, Sense because the purse wallet for the three fold, so open it can be found inside the compartment a lot of cards are also a lot of practical strong wallet completely open, the front is like this

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