Amity Translations is a London-based provider of translation services.
Our in-house team benefits from decades of collective experience acquired working for industry-leading clients across a range of sectors and countries.
This expertise and commitment is backed…

Amity Translations provides the following services:

• Translation

• Revision

• Proofreading

• Graphic design


We believe that personal commitment and responsibility are key to meeting client needs.
Accordingly, we take care to ensure that everyone handling your job has the correct qualifications/experience and is fully briefed and supported throughout.
A typical translation job will be…

Welcome to the Amity blog!
Amity is now live and blogging. We plan to share some of the experience and insights gained during over decades of personal experience of translating for leading companies across many sectors, both in the UK and in Germany…

Your online request will be handled by one of our in-house account managers, who will contact you via e-mail, telephone or fax.
If possible, please attach your document or fax it to us with a corresponding cover note.
Your document will be treated…