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Through the use of watercolor techniques more can, as quickly as possible as reflect and express the design concept, so that watercolor painting techniques to fashion design into New vitality Check it out for more!New York Fashion just ended just before Sunday, do not know the favorite fashion girls on the overall performance of this fashion show is how? New York 2016 spring and summer new design is eyeopener to you? Or do you find a show off the Eyes sharp You may have quietly found Alexander W

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The new year began, Zhang aunt, I again to spend money! It is said that today I have a package to go to the United States and Asia Oh!In order to have the public measurement qualifications, I decided to join the ranks of the sun thing! I want to sun drying a year ago to buy the Alma PM, this is my first to buy their own luxury bag Fleur Turner founded Many people do not understand, but she has their own understanding of life Animals The fashion industry is also Running a return to the ecological

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Ladies and Gentlemen, In the End of the mascara, it will use the pin like a pin to separate the lashes to create a clear goodlooking eyelashes Grace Kelly emphasis on threedimensional contours of the face makeup skills are not present, but not Kim Kardashian As early as the 20th century, the Princess of Monaco Grace Kelly will know how to repair and blush to emphasize their cheekbones In April has just released the ‘Happiness’ show, the red is no longer a solemn and peaceful ‘China Red’, and bec

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The importance of being “A”

A – is for “adaptation”. It’s obvious if you think about it, but people are still sometimes surprised that what is common and convincing in one language can sound stilted or downright odd when translated literally into another language. Just try wishing someone “Good appetite” before starting a meal, inspired by “Bon appétit” in French. […]

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